Resistance be Damned

There are seven days in a week and someday is not one of them.

November is a busy month.  In addition to having two national holidays, November is also National Adoption Month (a recognition near and dear to my heart), No Shave November (which I just learned is a way to raise cancer awareness since many cancer patients lose their hair), and it’s also the month of two writing challenges:  NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and WNFIN (Write Non-fiction in November) aka NaNonFiWriMo (National Non-fiction Writing Month).  That’s a mouthful!

I began writing in earnest seven years ago with the launch of my blog, Debbie Does 50!  At first I wrote several days a week, then my writing became less and less frequent to the point where I haven’t really been writing at all this past year.  I knew I needed to get back to writing regularly.  I like what writing does for me personally and I have things to say.  I knew I needed to set aside time in my day to write and to organize my writing if I was ever to actually write a book – something I have always thought I’d do someday.

A couple months ago I started receiving information about WNFIN and my interest was piqued.  Perhaps this was the impetus I needed to get my fingers back on the keyboard.  I spent several weeks rolling the idea around in my head and having multiple conversations with myself about my writing abilities (or lack thereof), my available time (or lack thereof), and general naysaying (of which there was a great deal).  We all have these conversations with ourselves (at least I hope I’m not the only one talking to myself inside my head).  I recently listened to the book Do the Work by Steven Pressfield.  He refers to the other half of these conversations as “Resistance”.  Let me just say, Resistance was alive and well in my brain, but I’m a strong person and after much discussion, I put Resistance in its place and signed up for WNFIN.

November has 30 days.  For me, someday is one of them.  Someday is Now!

Tomorrow:  Gearing up for WNFIN

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