Prepare to Plow Your Field

My “someday” for November is to participate in Write Non-fiction in November (WNFIN).  The challenge is to spend the month writing and completing a non-fiction work.  My challenge did not begin with November 1st, however.  Once I decided to accept this challenge, I began preparing.

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.
                                       –Abraham Lincoln

For me, part of preparing to write is to think – a lot.  I often know exactly what I will write before I sit down to put words on the page.  So, in preparing for this challenge, I thought about my topic.  I also searched the internet for ideas on how to accomplish the challenge of writing daily for a month and actually finishing a book.  I read transcripts of interviews, watched videos, took notes, and I thought.

The thing about thinking is, even though it does require some brain-quiet and a little dedication, it is relatively easy.  I can think while working out.  I can think while cleaning the kitchen.  I can think pretty much anywhere.  But in order to get something done, the thinking has to move to doing.

“You can’t plow a field by simply turning it over in your mind.”
                                          –Gordon B. Hinckley

I am now off to plow my field.

2 thoughts on “Prepare to Plow Your Field

  1. Debbie, I’ve been writing since mid-July, and I’ve spent tons of time on researching, thinking, talking to folks, writing, researching, thinking, writing, and reading what other authors haveto say about writing . . . I have to confess that I’m going by word count benchmarks, stretching toward 60,000 words (about 240 book pages), and I’m about 30% there. I keep thinking of voice and chronology and linking the themes and characters, and finally I’ve developed a plot worksheet. Writing is at once technical, creative, and lots of fun! Good for your November Someday project!


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