The Grandma Moses Program

When I was a child, I loved The Night Before Christmas.  Actually, it is still my favorite Christmas book.  At some point, someone gave me a second copy of the book; this one illustrated by Grandma Moses.  I remember having conflicting emotions about the illustrations.  They were childlike and unprofessional, yet I was amazed at the story of this old lady who didn’t start painting until she was in her late 70s.  In the back of the book was a picture of this old grandma-like lady, sitting outside at her easel.  Her face was full of joy.

As I contemplated the idea of tackling my “somedays” during the next year, the thought crossed my mind that some people in their late 50s might think they’re too old to take on their lapsed dreams.  I determined a decade or so ago I would not become “too old” and I try to live each day with that in mind.  As I struggle with my first “someday” of writing a non-fiction book in 30 days, I keep Grandma Moses in mind.  She painted in her own style – I will write in my own style.  And, I’m not too old to start writing or to do any of the other “somedays” yet to come.  Heck, at 57, I’m two decades early under the Grandma Moses Program!

1 thought on “The Grandma Moses Program

  1. Good for you Debbie! I had very similar thoughts every time I’ve reinvented myself! First with the bakery (which delivered lots of valuable lessons to me) and now as I completely start over as a Clinical Hypnotherapist/Life Coach/Self-Empowerment/Self-Realization Coach. LOL I still haven’t figured out what to call myself, but I don’t even care, I’m having too much fun doing something I love instead of doing what I’m supposed to do – i’m free and loving it. Sometimes we end up in a few muddy puddles while we’re dancing in the rain – but at least we’re dancing and finding our joy!


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