Time & Space

I’ve been writing regularly for almost eight years.  During that time, I estimate 95% of my writing has been done before the sun comes up.  This month, while I’m tackling my first “someday”, write a non-fiction book in 30 days, I have found I need to write at other times as well.  Part of the issue has been this blog because I write here first and the book writing gets pushed to a later time.  Writing by the light of day – interesting idea.

Prior to November 1st when my “someday” project began, I worked at prepping my office/studio so I could write there.  We moved recently and my space is the last to be organized.  It still isn’t completely organized, but it does have a comfy chair with a table beside it.  Still, here I am, writing in the living room.

I guess the takeaway is it really doesn’t matter where I write or when I write.  If I want this “someday” to happen, I just need TO WRITE!

I’m writing a book.  I’ve got the page numbers done.
                                            –Steven Wright

2 thoughts on “Time & Space

  1. Stay strong in your conviction Debbie. I too struggle with the commitment of writing on a consistent basis and understand what you’re going through – at least to a small degree. I determined long ago I have commitment issues and as long as I’m free to figure it out (usually in my own unique way), everything works out – it might sound selfish,but we all have to understand ourselves enough to know what we need to thrive. Luckily I’ve been blessed with people in my life that have allowed this to happen (that includes Brian). So I know you’ve got a family and friends that support your endeavors!


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