Zafus & Zabutons

Sometimes we don’t do our “somedays” because we think we have to buy special equipment or supplies.  On the Facebook page for my eating plan, Trim Healthy Mama, women regularly post about wanting to start the plan, but they can’t afford the specialty food items frequently mentioned.  Yet, the reality is the plan can be followed completely without the specialty items – they’re just a bonus.  One of the reasons running and walking are encouraged as good exercise options is they don’t require a massive investment.  You don’t have to join a gym.  You don’t have to buy a weight set, and, even though it’s nice when the weather is bad, you don’t even need a treadmill.  All you need is a pair of shoes and a place to run or walk (like outside).

When I anticipated starting my meditation practice on December 1st, I did buy an audible book to listen to in the car to get me started on the basics, but I figured there wasn’t really anything else I needed.  Then I found out about zafus and zabutons.  Imagine my delight at learning that I could meditate and use it as an excuse to shop!

A zafu is a round cushion used to sit on for meditating and a zabuton is a large mat on which the zafu sits.  I saw one person refer to the zabuton as a glorified dog bed.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, my meditation closet at one house is carpeted and there’s a chair, with a cushion, in the room.  The other home’s closet, however, is cold tile and the chair cushion has to be brought in from the another room.  Not undoable, but I decided the tiled closet needed a zafu and zabuton for ease of preparing to meditate and to properly enhance my meditation experience.

I’m leaving today for the tiled closet house and my zafu and zabuton should be there waiting to be unpacked.  I struggled during my meditation session today.  I’ve been sick for almost two weeks, the room was a little chilly, and my mind raced.  I’m sure tomorrow’s session will be much more productive and authentic because I’ll be seated upon my (mostly unnecessary) meditation equipment.

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