In with the New

Out with the old; in with the new.  Except the old, in terms of my 366 Somedays journey, is writing and meditation, neither of which is going “out”.  I’m ready for the new “new”, though!  Today begins my 1200 Challenge:  running/walking 1200 miles this year.  That averages out to four miles per day, six days per week.  Having been sick last month – yes, December is now considered “last month” – I slacked off on my regular exercise schedule.  I normally run and/or walk daily, but the outings for the last month have been infrequent at best and for a couple of weeks were not at all.

I’ve wanted to take on a physical challenge “someday”.  Someday is now and I’m ready for the new challenge and excited to get started.

Whether we want them or not, the new year will bring new challenges.

Whether we seize them or not, the new year will bring new opportunities.

–Michael Josephson

Post-script:  I wrote this early this morning, but didn’t get it posted.  Since then I did a 4.8 mile walk.  Day 1 done.

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