Infant Interruptus

Ah, the best-laid plans of mice and men…

My Little Guy on his birth day

March is my gardening “someday”, but my plans have been usurped by a tiny little creature weighing less than seven pounds.  March 1st was the day to plan my garden and order seeds.  Instead, my second grandson was born early that morning so my day was spent packing, prepping the house, and driving four hours to meet him.  I brought my planning stuff with me, but so far nothing has happened.  Holding this sweet little guy seems a lot more urgent than planning a garden.  In fact, writing that last sentence took more than an hour.  I was humming along writing my thoughts when my daughter texted to ask if I would come get the baby.  I’ve been spending a couple hours with him every morning so the new mommy and daddy can sleep.  Writing and planning a garden versus holding my new grandson… not much of a competition.

My greenhouse garden area with new soil ready to go

I haven’t tossed out the gardening plan.  Some of the prep work is done.  The composter is going strong and the soil has been brought in and placed in the garden (thank you to son David for his work on that).  I’ll get my garden plan sketch done and the seeds ordered, but some things are just more important.  I’m looking forward to watching my garden grow, but that doesn’t compare to watching my grandson grow.

Welcome to my life Little Guy!

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