Is Handmade Obsolete?

Email.  Snapchat.  Skype.  Instagram.  Twitter.  Vine.  Facebook.  Text messages.  FaceTime.  Google Hangout.

Three cards I made earlier this week.

In a world with instant communication, where using the telephone to make an actual call is a bit outdated, is there a place for a piece of paper conveying a sentimental feeling or thought?  Is the message in a greeting card actually read?  Is the care and effort put into a handmade card acknowledged and appreciated?

As I began working on my August Someday of advancing my card-making abilities and exploring avenues for possibly marketing my handmade cards, I had these questions slammed into my head when I emptied a garbage can and saw a card I’d made for someone had been tossed in the can.  My feelings were a bit hurt, of course, but seeing my little piece of creativity thrown into the refuse, also makes me wonder where we are headed.  Is our world moving so fast that we’re losing the ability to cherish a small gesture?  Is handmade obsolete?  I don’t know the answers, but being an optimistic person, I’m going to forge ahead with my August Someday and do my part to revitalize what I believe to be a lovely form of communication.

4 thoughts on “Is Handmade Obsolete?

  1. I do not think “Handmade is Obsolete”, I think there will always be an appreciation for it; especially as it becomes more a rarity. I love cards; I love getting cards, picking then out for people and I would love making them if I was any good at them. Don’t stop making them, the gesture is significant and indeed a lovely form of communication.


  2. I second the first commen! I too love making cards! Is that a generational thing? I keep all the cards everyone sent to me. If it’s a generic card with no another comment, then I will resuse it to make a new card. I took a class on making cards and it was lots of fun. I would encourage taking classes if you want to explore new ways of making cards. No, don’t stop making them. Maybe not everyone will have the same appreciation for cards but at least they did appreciate the thought for a moment and sooner or later, at least one person will keep your card. That is enough for me. Keep making it! 🙂


  3. I love your cards – and if you market them, I will buy them! Maybe it’s not about whether the recipient keeps the card, maybe it’s about the joy you have in making and sending the card, and the smile on the recipient’s face when they open the card and see it for the first time.

    Having just watched the “clean out” of my just deceased mother-in-law’s home, my attitude about keeping “stuff” has shifted. However, watching the grandkids search through pictures and other memorabilia during her “Final ShinDig” reminds me that some things definitely are worth keeping – and hand made cards should absolutely be on that list!


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