September’s “Someday”

We’re well into September and I haven’t yet announced my September “Someday” – perhaps that is indicative of why I have chosen the “Someday” I have for September.  My life, wonderful though I admit it is, often feels hectic and rushed and days, months, and years (even decades) slip by.  Perhaps this “Someday” should have been the first “Someday”, as a plan for the rest of them.  Oh well, that, too, is indicative.  So, my September “Someday” is to work on a life plan using a planner and a vision board.

img_2438I bought a vision board kit several years ago.  I was so excited to get started on it, but by the time it arrived in the mail, other “stuff” had come up and, though I did unwrap it, I never did anything more with it.  There it has perched on my office shelf for the past three years (at least).  Recently I came across a life planning journal and the urge to create a plan rose again.  So, I ordered the planner and pulled my vision board kit off the shelf.  Now all I have to do is plan in the time to plan.

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