December’s Someday: Embrace the Crazy!

embrace-the-crazy-logoNew month, new Someday!  I’m late getting this written, but I’ve started working on my December Someday:  getting my website up and running.

It all started a few years ago when my oldest daughter’s boyfriend was trying to plan an event to use as the backdrop for his marriage proposal.  Plans were secretly made, but my daughter kept changing her own plans not realizing she was creating havoc for her poor boyfriend who had to keep changing his plans.  At one point, knowing my daughter as I do, I said to him, “You better learn how to embrace the crazy!”  Embrace the Crazy quickly became a catchphrase in our family.  For Christmas that year my husband even began the process of trademarking the phrase.  My second son then developed a logo for us, I set up a website, we purchased some starter Embrace the Crazy items, and then….  Well, the website is still in the development stage, up until yesterday the items we’d purchased were still in their boxes stored in our garage, and my other ideas for ETC are still just ideas.

This month, that will change.  I’ve already brought the boxes out of storage, I’m researching packing boxes and mailing options, and I’m working on the website.  My plan is to have it ready to launch by January 1st.

I hesitated to take on this Someday this month when life is already so busy because of the holidays, but, what the heck, I’ll just Embrace the Crazy!

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