Love the One You’re With

img_4137When I started my “Someday” of knitting back in November, I chose to start with a learn-to-knit kit I’d purchased on clearance several years ago.  I started out strong and was pleased the pattern would allow me to learn several different techniques by the time I was done.  The pattern is for a scarf and hat in a style I wouldn’t wear.  The yarn is a denim blue, a color that doesn’t appeal to me.  I liked the activity of knitting, but I was uninspired by what I was knitting.  Still, not wanting to waste the kit, I kept plugging away at it – slowly and without much enthusiasm.

One day, in a craft store, I looked at some beautiful, soft yarn and thought how nice it would be to knit with that yarn.  A few days later, as I sat trying to finish another row on my scarf, the Stephen Stills song, Love the One You’re With came to mind.  I never really liked the lyrics because I didn’t think one should simply settle for the one “right next to you” and I realized I didn’t need to settle for the learn-to-knit kit.  I could knit something I wanted with a yarn that brought me pleasure in its look and feel.  I ordered the lovely yarn and I’ve started a blanket for myself.  Every time I pick up my knitting needles, I feel a little bit of joy as the soft blanket that’s taking shape settles into my lap.

So, another lesson learned:  sometimes the “Someday” can be right, even when enthusiasm is lacking.  Sometimes it’s just a matter of finding the right outlet so you can Love the One You’re With.

4 thoughts on “Love the One You’re With

  1. This made me smile … I always enjoy to nearly a spiritual level when I am crocheting or knitting with yarn I love … I also love it when I choose a yarn for someone else and am able to think about them as I put together one stitch after another. AND … those yarns I purchased only because they were on sale, well, they are still waiting for their turn. Maybe it’s time I pass them on to someone else!


    1. Your comments made me smile! Check out this little quote from my former sister-in-law’s sister, Lisa Daehlin: Magic and wishes and prayers get worked into every stitch when someone knits a garment for someone that she loves… even if the stitcher isn’t physically still here to meet those subsequent generations. Hold on to that sweater and keep passing it along in the family. A true treasure. ❤

      This was in response to a photo I had posted showing my grandson wearing the sweater my mom knit for my son 30+ years ago.

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