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I’m Back…

My two-month hiatus is done; now it’s time to get back on track with my Somedays.  I have five months left of my 366 Somedays – 153 days and I’m struggling to decide which Somedays are worth my time, which call to my heart.  Over the last two months, as I’ve eased back on my Somedays, I’ve thought about what I’ve done so far and what I still want to do.  I have a list I made when I began this project, but already I’m questioning how many of these Somedays really warrant my time.  I’m torn between activities I’ve always thought I wanted to do and the reality of a limited number of hours in the day.  I’m finding this process both beneficial and discouraging:  beneficial because I’m really working to identify my heart’s desires (Oh, my, I sound like Dorothy.  Perhaps a pair of ruby slippers would help the process.) and discouraging because I’m having to admit some activities I thought were salient, don’t actually make the cut.

I haven’t yet decided what my August Someday will be.  Check back tomorrow and, hopefully, I’ll have a worthy plan ready to hatch.


Here it is June already – time for another “Someday”.  Except, I’ve decided there won’t be new “Somedays” this month or next.  I’m taking a hiatus.  I’d like to say it’s a hiatus from the busyness of life, but it’s the busyness of life that’s pleading with me to take a hiatus from “Somedays”.

My youngest daughter is graduating from high school this month and my second son is getting married at our house next month.  These two events, along with maintaining my already-in-progress seven “Somedays”, is simply all I can, or all I want, to manage right now.  I’ll extend my 366 Somedays through the end of the year, which works out well because June and July have the same number of days as November and December so I’ll still end up with 366 days in my Someday year.

I thought about having my July “Someday” be the wedding at our house.  Ever since I first walked through the house I’ve thought it would be an amazing place for a wedding – the sweeping staircase, the obvious party-central area with the big windows and indoor waterfall.  But inserting that as a “Someday” doesn’t seem fair.  That really wouldn’t be the kind of “Someday” this is all about.

So, I will continue pursuing my seven current “Somedays” and will occasionally report on my progress with them, but a new “Someday” won’t be happening until August.  Stay tuned.