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Stick Figures & the Creative Process

As I work toward stepping up my card-making a notch, I’ve thought a lot about what creative process happens as I come up with a card idea.  I have to admit, first, that I had a hard time typing in the word “creative” in that last sentence.  I had always thought of creative people as those who “make art” – painting, drawing, sculpting, etc.  I cannot replicate an image, in any medium – I can barely draw stick figures.  Several years ago, sitting with my family, I said something about not seeing myself as a creative person.  My oldest son, who I consider to be a creative person, piped up and said, “You’re creative, Mom.  Creativity isn’t just painting or drawing.”  Since then, I’ve struggled to remind myself I am creative.  My writing is creative, my cards are creative, and I know I have other creative outlets just waiting to be discovered.

IMG_2286So, what’s the process of creating a meaningful card?  Just as with my writing, sometimes the ideas just come to me as I’m walking.  I see something or think of something and suddenly and idea has sparked in my brain.  A couple days ago, as I walked in the morning, I passed over an area where somebody had used chalk to write a word on the path.  The word was “ROAR”.  I looked at it and suddenly an idea for a card popped into my mind.  I’ve been playing with options for completing the idea ever since.

A week ago I sat down to make a card for a special occasion and wondered where to go with the card.  I paged through my paper scraps and came upon a piece of paper with a calendar image in one corner.  I found a quote to go with the image, pulled out some coordinating paper and, quite literally, the pieces came together.IMG_2276

So is this creativity?  Just being open to ideas that form from all the stimuli around me? Maybe, for me, the key to continuing to be creative is to continue to be “out there” embracing my world and keeping my mind open for those little stimuli that can turn in to words, or cards, or maybe even stick figure drawings!