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Love the One You’re With

img_4137When I started my “Someday” of knitting back in November, I chose to start with a learn-to-knit kit I’d purchased on clearance several years ago.  I started out strong and was pleased the pattern would allow me to learn several different techniques by the time I was done.  The pattern is for a scarf and hat in a style I wouldn’t wear.  The yarn is a denim blue, a color that doesn’t appeal to me.  I liked the activity of knitting, but I was uninspired by what I was knitting.  Still, not wanting to waste the kit, I kept plugging away at it – slowly and without much enthusiasm.

One day, in a craft store, I looked at some beautiful, soft yarn and thought how nice it would be to knit with that yarn.  A few days later, as I sat trying to finish another row on my scarf, the Stephen Stills song, Love the One You’re With came to mind.  I never really liked the lyrics because I didn’t think one should simply settle for the one “right next to you” and I realized I didn’t need to settle for the learn-to-knit kit.  I could knit something I wanted with a yarn that brought me pleasure in its look and feel.  I ordered the lovely yarn and I’ve started a blanket for myself.  Every time I pick up my knitting needles, I feel a little bit of joy as the soft blanket that’s taking shape settles into my lap.

So, another lesson learned:  sometimes the “Someday” can be right, even when enthusiasm is lacking.  Sometimes it’s just a matter of finding the right outlet so you can Love the One You’re With.