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img_4050Throughout this journey of “Somedays”, I’ve tried to use the purposefulness of the process to help me stay productive in other areas.  I’ve tried to accomplish mini-“Somedays” along the way.  I’ve written about some of them, but others, like organizing the kitchen cupboards, drawers, and pantry were just little (or sometimes big) accomplishments that I feel good about.  Yesterday, I completed two mini-“Somedays”:  two little plaques I’ve been wanting to make for our home.

I’ve had the intention of putting these together for months; however, putting aside the time to do them just never seemed a priority.  Once I had them done and mounted on the walls, I wondered why it had taken me so long to get them done.  It took less than two hours to make them and that included img_4057searching for the antique white frame I knew I had somewhere.  Just two hours!  How many hours do I squander on inane activities?  Why do I not harness those hours and make them productive?  The thought was eye opening.

And now, with eyes open, I’m going to look around to see what other mini-“Somedays” are waiting to be done.   I had such a sense of accomplishment yesterday!  It was a level beyond the effort I put in, but that’s okay.  I like the feeling and I’m willing to accept it even for small projects.  Bring on the To-Do list!